Redefining Your Smile With Clear Aligners and Clip On Veneer Technologies

Clip On Veneers

The new fasion accessory taking the worls buy storm. Lets face it everyone wants a beautiful smile.

What are Clip On Veneers

Clip On Veneers are an alterntive to traditional dental treatments offering people a new smile without the cost and pain of conventional treatment. In fact you dont even need to go to see a dentist.

How do they Work

Clip On Veneers are a straight forward product that is done at home. Step 1 you order a kit to take a mold at home. Step 2 your veneers are digitslly designed. Step 3 Your veneers are manufactured and sent via post to your door.

What are they made from

Wow Smile clip on veneers are made from both a co-polymer or a flexible resin. You can lear more about our clip on veneers here