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Clip On Veneers Explained

The new fashion accessory taking the world by storm. Lets face it everyone wants a beautiful smile. Repetitive tooth whitening and permanent veneers leave lasting damage to the surface of the teeth.

What are clip on veneers?

Wow Smile clip on veneers are to be used as an alternative to invasive dental treatments. They’re are like traditional veneers a new tooth covering. The difference being with clip on veneers is that you do not need to have the tooth shaved down. Making them a better alternative and they leave no lasting damage. Clip on veneers are also known as snap in smiles, push in veneers, clip in smiles and clip in veneers.

How much do they cost?

The area thing about clip on veneers is the price. Normally in the dental office you could expect to pay from £800 per tooth adding up to thousands. You can a complete new clip in smile from £250 to £1500

image of clip on veneers

Can you eat with clip on veneers?

We at Wow smile advice not to eat in them but our platinum veneers it is totally possible as you have the occlusion of the teeth opened up eating your natural tooth surface are in cat acting creating the ultimate eating experience in your veneers.

Eating and drinking in the veneers can affect the longevity of them. Some of the cheaper options can loose their design, shape and form if you drink hot fluids like tea and coffee so it is not recommend if you want them to last.

The other thing that you should keep in mind with eating and drinking in the veneers is very small amounts of food may get trapped between the natural tooth and the inside of the veneers making bacteria breed. There is also a film that is produced form the saliva in the mouth on any item that i spliced in the mouth such as dentures.

How do you clean them?

The best advice would be to soak them in a film dispersing tablet and use a silicone brush. These brushed are not abrasive and do not leave scratches.

Why Would You have clip on veneers?

There are many reasons why you would choose to have clip on veneers over traditional dental treatment. The main being affordability closely followed by permeance, once you enter the dental office and have your teeth shaved down, pulled or capped. There is no going back. You have to continue paying to have your veneers or crowns changed, replaced and repaired for the rest of your life. Veneers and crowns don’t last for ever and the margins can become bad and you get whats called food trapping which in turn creates smelly breath. Yuk! With clip on veneers there is no such risk. Have you ever seen someone laugh and smile and noticed that they have black or darker gum line this is metal work under the crown from the dental office, as a ceramic which would eradicate this dark line is more expensive you generally don’t got it! Again with clip on veneers you don’t get this!

How Long do they last?

If you look after the clip in veneers there realistically there is no time limit. We recommend them for 12 months use! Wow Smile also offer an extended 12 month warranty which offers a replacement no questions asked.

How do they work?

Clip On Veneers are a straight forward product and the process is stated at home. Step 1 is you order a kit to take a mold of your mouth. Step 2 your veneers are digitally designed. Step 3 Your veneers are manufactured and sent via post to your door. Then the final result is. Beautiful celebrity smile.

Wow Smile clip on veneers are made from both a co-polymer or a flexible resin. You can learn more about our clip on veneers here

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