More than 70% Cheaper

No Dental Office Visit

Delivered To Your Door

Clear Aligners at Home!

Redefine your smile for only £999 at home from a real Orthodontist using Wow-Align

Orthodontist Prescribed

Digital 3D Design


Clear Aligners at Home

Redefine your smile for only £999 at home from a real Orthodontist With WOW-Align.

Teeth Straightening Made Simple

Your Smile Cosmetically Redefined with Aligners

Step 1

Send back your impression.

Step 2

Receive Your Aligners

Step 3

Show off That Smile

We Do It With a WOW

A Smile for Your Face; Your smile should suit your face. That is why our cosmetic orthodontist Dr Sean Grady will design your smile to your face. Creating harmony, beauty and a smile to remember.

Our advanced aligner system WOWAlign has been refined by Dr Grady this means we can get your aligner results up to 50% faster in some cases.

Although we won’t be seeing you in clinic every month, you still get the same service by our board certified dental professionals. Your treatment will be explained to you by our very own Dr Grady.

We guarantee your new smile forever. No Questions asked. If you get any movement at any time after your treatment we will get it back into alignment for you. How great is that!

Digital Treatment Plan

Our Dental team will complete a Digital Treatment Plan for you. We will send you your very own personalised orthodontic treatment preview video plan. This will demonstrate the movement that will happen over the course of your aligner treatment. Seeing your treatment plan this way you know you will be 100% happy with your results before we make your aligners.

Our Lab & Orthodontist

The best thing about Wow Smile each and every smile redefining treatment that we provide is processed by a professional dentist. Headed by our leading cosmetic and orthodontic clear aligner specialist Dr Grady. Wow Smile specialise in cosmetic alignment and beautiful smile enhancements brought right to you at your front door.

Every smile that we create is made within our state of the art dental laboratory in the USA then flown directly to you. All of this smile making magic takes place within 14 days.

Over 100,000 Smiles Made

Made by Dentists For You

Delivered To Your Door

Completion From 20 Weeks

World Class Software

No Face to Face Dental Visits

Our Pricing Options

We have two great pricing options for you. What ever one you choose you will take advantage of mega savings. Not only are we the most affordable clear aligner provider available anywhere online and possibly the globe, this site and all treatment is provided to you by an American Orthodontist. Now there's something to smile about!

Nice and Simple

One easy payment that gets you off on your redefining smile journey, This one off payment option gives you the biggest saving anywhere in the wold today!


Spreading The Smile

Our second option is spread over 12 months to make things a little easier for your smile redefining journey. One Deposit then 52 Weekly Payments

Deposit of £145 +
£26 x 52

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