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Find out how easy your new smile journey could be.

Find out how easy your new smile journey could be.

Start Your Smile Journey for only £999 at home from a real Orthodontist

Our Clear Aligner Pricing Options

We offer the most competitive pricing for clear aligners on the market. What ever way you choose to pay enjoy maximum savings and best of all a beautiful smile.

Impression Kit and Digital Treatment Plan


Wow Smile Clear Aligners by our Orthodontist Dr Sean Grady


Final Retainer, Keep This Smile Smiling


In More Detail

Digital Treatment Plan

Once you have sent back your impression from your home impression kit. Our specialists will review and produce a digital treatment plan to show how your smile would look after treatment.

Clear Aligners

You receive your aligners and they must be worn in a sequential order for a specific amount of time usually 2-4 weeks. This will all be discussed with you in detail by your treatment manager.

Clear Retainer

Once you reveal that smile and the magic has been done you will have to wear a retainer in the evenings to keep that smile forever more. It’s normal practice in orthodontics and prevents any relapse after the treatment is complete.

Our Pricing Options

We have two great pricing options for you. What ever one you choose you will take advantage of mega savings. Not only are we the most affordable clear aligner provider available anywhere online and possibly the globe, this site and all treatment is provided to you by an American Orthodontist. Now there's something to smile about!

Nice and Simple

One easy payment that gets you off on your redefining smile journey, This one off payment option gives you the biggest saving anywhere in the wold today!


Spreading The Smile

Our second option is spread over 12 months to make things a little easier for your smile redefining journey. One Deposit then 52 Weekly Payments

Deposit of £145 +
£26 x 52