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Clip On Veneers

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Clip On Veneers are …..

Useful For: Confidence | Brides | Men | Selfies

Suitable For: Crooked | Chipped | Discoloured & Missing Teeth | Including Natural Gaps

Clip In Veneers

We make beautiful handcrafted, bespoke and affordable snap in smiles for you like no others. Joke shop plastic veneers are no longer an option when you have WOW SMILE. Our Advanced Clip in veneers are a great alternative to lengthy expensive cosmetic dental treatments used to enhance your smile, although they look so good no one would tell the difference thanks to our advanced processing. If you have been thinking about clip on veneers and having a whiter, brighter smile, a smile with a straighter appearance or need missing teeth replaced you are in the right place. You can even use our veneers as a partial denture. Our best Clip On Veneers will have you smiling with confidence.

Bespoke Hand Crafted Veneers from Our Lab

Wow Smile the only clip on veneers provided from a cosmetic dentist with our very own dental lab. Having worked in technical dentistry for over 30 years creating crowns, dentures and teeth for our own practice and other practising dentists, we have the specialist skill set required to restore your smile. Our advanced understanding of the anatomy of the mouth in relation to the form and function of ones teeth and jaw enable us to pass this knowledge into the creation of your clip on veneers. With Wow Smile Clip In Veneers you will receive a totally bespoke hand crafted veneer as accurate and beautiful as you would in the dental office, with the benefit of no dental visit, no needles, and no pain.

Over 100,000 Smiles Made

Made by Dentists For You

Delivered To Your Door

Completion From 14 Days*

World Class Software

No Face to Face Dental Visits

Our Pricing Options

Wow Smile Press on veneers have the two most amazing veneer options for you. Each veneer is targeted for its desired use. We will manufacture and deliver your veneers to your door in a little as 14 Days.

Premium Veneer

Our Premium clip on veneers, are the perfect solution for whiter smiles. Made from our dental grade polymer these are perfect for changing shade. You can have up to two missing teeth filled. The veneer will have the same shape and design of your natural smile.


Platinum Veneers

The Most advanced and aesthetically pleasing snap in veneers on the market today. Digitally designed and made from a flexible resin you can have the ultimate smile makeover. You can straighten, lengthen and modify any ailment of your smile. There are a range of finishing options to ensure the result you require is achieved.


Our Clip On Veneers

Dentist Reviewed

Wow Smile are the only Clip In Veneer Provider that the clip on veneers are reviewed by Leading American Cosmetic Dentist Dr Sean Grady

Digital Design

The Wow Smile Lab has state of the art equipment and leading digital software.

Eat & Drink

You are able to eat and drink when wearing our veneers. So you can keep smiling in those important moments.

No Dental Visit

Even though your veneers are reviewed by a DR, there is no need for you to come to the dental office.

Risk Free

Press in Smiles mitigate the risks involved with cosmetic dental treatment, meaning no teeth shaving or preparation work required.

Pain Free

The whole process of snap in smiles is pain free. No Needles, No Visit, No Pain. Although your dental hygiene is important and your should still visit your dentist.

Fit Over Crowns & Bridges

Our Snap On Smiles clip on over existing crowns, bridges and veneers.

Gaps & Missing Teeth

Wow Smile Veneers are suitable for people with gaps and missing teeth.


Clip on veneers when compared to traditional dental treatment, are an affordable option and we have a veneer for all budgets.

Thin & Durable

Wow Smiles veneers are not only thin but durable so you can rest assured that they are custom made to last.

Choice of Shade

There is a choice of shade and staining options for your new Wow Smile. Meaning whether it’s the Hollywood white or natural and stained we got you covered.

Complete Smile Makeovers

Our Wow Smile Clip-in Veneers offer a complete smile makeover. What ever the ailments we have the solution to for a beautiful smile.

Clip On Veneers

Wow Smile is the creation of Dr Sean Grady who is a practising leading American dentist. Sean has been working in dentistry for many years and single handedly built multiple successful dental practises across the pond. Not only is Sean the driver behind his dental surgeries he is amazingly a dental lab owner and digital enthusiast. It is this very dental lab that provides the services for our Wow Smiles veneers. The fact Sean has a passion for digital has brought a range of fantastic advances in technology not only in his dental practices and lab but to the clip on veneer field. That is one of the many reasons our snap on veneers boast the beautiful aesthetics that come at the very foundation of our product built from the ground up. You really do get a WOW Smile.

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