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Best Aesthetics

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Suitable For: Selfies | Brides | Men | Confidence |

Useful For: Crooked | Chipped | Discoloured | Missing | Natural Gaps

Our clip on veneers can be used as a solution to many problems that stop you smiling with confidence. Rest assure we can provide you with a brand new celebrity smile at a fraction of the cost.

Our Clip On Veneers

Dentist Reviewed

Wow Smile are the only Clip In Veneer Provider that the clip on veneers are reviewed by Leading American Cosmetic Dentist Dr Sean Grady

Digital Design

The Wow Smile Lab has state of the art equipment and leading digital software.

Eat & Drink

You are able to eat and drink when wearing our veneers. So you can keep smiling in those important moments.

No Dental Visit

Even though your veneers are reviewed by a DR, there is no need for you to come to the dental office.

Risk Free

Press in Smiles mitigate the risks involved with cosmetic dental treatment, meaning no teeth shaving or preparation work required.

Pain Free

The whole process of snap in smiles is pain free. No Needles, No Visit, No Pain. Although your dental hygiene is important and your should still visit your dentist.

Fit Over Crowns & Bridges

Our Snap On Smiles clip on over existing crowns, bridges and veneers.

Gaps & Missing Teeth

Wow Smile Veneers are suitable for people with gaps and missing teeth.


Clip on veneers when compared to traditional dental treatment are an affordable option and we have a veneer for all budgets.

Thin & Durable

Wow Smiles veneers are not only thin but durable so you can rest assured that they are custom made to last.

Choice of Shade

There is a choice of shade and staining options for your new Wow Smile. Meaning weather it’s the Hollywood white, or natural and stained we got you covered.

Complete Smile Makeovers

Our Wow Smile Clip-in Veneers offer a complete smile makeover. What ever the ailments we have the solution to for a beautiful smile.

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