Clip In Veneer Cost

The price of the perfect smile

Clip in veneers are the new fashion trend of today, everybody is buying them but who are these people and what are they’re using them for. You may think that it is just people with the fear of the dentist or those that maybe in the public eye or models. Well you may be surprised to know that it is not specially these people, Wow smile can tell you, people buying them range from young fashionists to grandparents, thats right across all age groups. They may have a different intent when making the purchase but the end result is what they share in common. A beautiful smile. So then we can group the different types of customers that wear these veneers across the age groups. You have those that want to have a whiter smile, for their selfies and everyday wear. This customer would usually be spending a fortune of teeth whitening treatments over the year, which can make your teeth very brittle. You then have special occasion were patients, these guys will use them for certain important days for example, if you are getting married and don’t want to spend the money on having your teeth whitened, but want the perfect white smile or people that have an important meeting and know clip in veneer uk would give them the ultimate confident boost. Next we have the people that have damaged or missing teeth including the people that just do not feel confident in their smile. Finally we have the people that just want to look fantastic, love how they look and know the perfect smile is a beautiful thing to have. What ever the reason and what ever the shade or range you choose; Wow Smile have you covered.

How Much are Clip On Veneers?

You have seen them, you know what they can be used for now you just need to know how much they cost. Clip in veneers from Wow Smile start at £149.99. The price depends on the results that you want. If you just want a whiter smile with a few missing teeth added then our Premium Veneers are for you and they start at £149.99 for one arch and £249.99 for upper and lower. Wow Smile also offer a Platinum veneer these are a little different as with these we can redesign your whole smile. If you have crooked teeth then we can straighten them, if you would a new shape and look smile you can have them made to your own specification of one of our preset styles. Our Platinum veneer range start at £249.99 for one arch and £389.99 for upper and lower

Benefits of Clip In Veneers

  • No Dentist
  • Affordable
  • Whiter Teeth
  • Straighter Teeth
  • Fill Missing Teeth
  • Eat and Drink Wearing Them
  • Suitable forPeople With Phobias

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